Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions below. These answers are current and accurate and if your question isn’t answered here, go to our Support page.

How long does the whole process take from start to finish?

Once you sign our agreement you will be invited to our Dailymotion Content Management System (CMS) account immediately after signing! Check your email after signing our agreement as you will be receiving the invitation to join our Network. This invitation email will be entitled ‘Invitation: ‘YDLNetwork has invited you to join their network.

Please allow a few hours for us to review your partnership application. If you have been accepted after you will have to complete the Partner Process and sign our agreement. The link to do all this is in your Acceptance Letter sent from Creator Minds.

Who are your channel partners?

Our partners are Dailymotion content creators focused on producing quality videos in a variety of different verticals. Creator Minds’ partners create funny content to keep your family laughing, gaming videos to incite your competitive spirit, and music to keep your head bobbing. Each possesses a unique story to tell.

What does Creator Minds do for video Dailymotion Content Creators?

We help content creators increase their monthly earnings from Dailymotion ad revenue, and brand sponsorships, connect them to our creator community to encourage collaboration, provide tools and analytics to aid audience growth.

If I join Creator Minds Networks, how will that affect what I can create on Dailymotion?

You will always retain full creative control over your channel. We’ll never limit your creative freedom.

What will my CPMs be?

Creator Minds never guarantees or quote specific CPMs. As a partner of a Creator Minds Network we give our partners amongst the highest CPMs in the industry. We will offer future ‘Partner only’ opportunities for much higher CPMs, stay tuned.

After becoming a Partner, who controls the uploads, updates, and layout of my channel?

You will always have 100% control over your channel.  We’ll provide you resources like royalty free music, copyright education, industry updates but those are resources that you choose to use.  We also provide you complete transparency to your earning data, as well as other proprietary Partner data in our Dashboard.

What perks will my Dailymotion channel receive as a Creator Minds Network partner?

These are some of the Dailymotion “channel specific” perks you will receive: Customizable thumbnails, Customizable banners, Advanced GEO Restriction policies, Shows, Dailymotion Live, Dailymotion Partner Promotion Program.

What are other perks to becoming a Creator Minds Network partner?

Each Network will provide access to a dedicated Network specific website that will provide: Opportunities to signup and qualify for “LIVE STREAMING”, Partner only contests and competitions for cash and prizes, latest Dailymotion news, social media links, Partner Support, (full staff), FAQs page, SEO page (including education), Forum (where partners can communicate and collaborate on video projects), Partnership Handbook (with video tutorials that answer partner questions and walk through certain steps of partnering), Royalty free music, Network Weekly Videos (that will feature breaking news as well as helpful tips for Partners) and links to the other Network sub Channels.

When do Partners get paid?

Creator Minds pays partners on the 15th of every month. Example: If you become a partner in January you will be paid for January on March 15th, then the payments come monthly. April 15th payment will be for February and so on. ONLY your first month of partnership will you have to wait the 45 day period.

As a Partner how do I get paid?

Creator Minds handles all partner payments and we take payments to our Partners very seriously.  In fact, we have a dedicated accounting team that consists of CPAs who audit incoming Dailymotion Payment data, as well as our advertising revenue data to insure accurate payments, are sent each month and on time.  All payments to our partners are sent through partner provided PayPal email.

How much revenue do you think I can earn?

Dailymotion revenue is calculated by CPM (cost per thousand views, “M” stands for the latin word for “mille” or 1,000). Not all views are equal though, views are accepted from countries based on demand by the advertisers. We do not cap the revenue you can make as we pay you a percentage of the CPMs for the month they were earned.  So the higher the CPMs the higher your pay will be for that specific month.  We will also be running promotions within our Dashboard of specific products/services where payments are on a per view or per click basis.

Will I be able to quit my job and live off my Dailymotion revenue?

We don’t guarantee any revenue. We guarantee the possibility of revenue. It really comes down to the quality of your content, the amount views you get per video. Zero copyright and the quality of videos plays a very big role as well as active followers and social networking all play a part on how much revenue you generate.

Is there an age limit to become a partner?

There is not an age limit for partners to join the Network but if you are under 18 we will need a parent’s consent prior to completing the partner process with you.

How do I get Dailymotion Live enabled on my Channel?

Partners can simply enable the exclusive YouTube Live feature under your Account Settings.

What is the best way to get in contact with a Creator Minds Staff Member?

The best way to contact any Network Staff would be by emailing support@creatorminds.com

What currencies will my partner payments be paid in?

Payment each month will be done in US Dollars (USD). However, PayPal will auto exchange this for your countries currency.  Visit the PayPal website for more information.

I am using my parents PayPal or have a PayPal I do not longer use. Is there a way to change the PayPal I set at a later stage?

You can email support@creatorminds.com to change it for you.

How to get Verified Name Badge Check Mark on Dailymotion Channel

In order to get your channel Verified you must be a partner of Creator Minds. We can submit Verification requests for certain channels that meet the requirements.


How long will it take for you to respond to my email?

We respond with 24 hours.